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Call Recording: A Boring Introduction to the BVR

BVR 100

Most of our blogs are interesting and provide useful tips or cool data. This blog isn't that interesting. Seriously.

Digital Agency and Call Tracking: Why This Agency Loves LogMyCalls


In our effort to provide data about both the impact and implementation of call tracking, we're publishing more case studies. This particular case study is about a digital marketing firm serving the automotive industry. 

Is Conversation Analytics Advanced Call Tracking OR Business Intelligence?

conversation analytics laptop (1)

I was on the phone recently with the CEO of a large agency. After he saw a short video about Conversation Analytics and digested the data on the Conversation Analytics Q1 Call Report, he had a question: Where does Conversation Analytics fit? Is it an extension of call tracking? Or, is it a business intelligence solution that simply uses call tracking as one of many ways to deliver call recordings?

Break Yourself of 4 Misguided Marketing Habits

bad habits marketing

We all have habits we'd like to break. Maybe you have piece of cake or a bowl of popcorn before bedtime. Maybe you smoke. Maybe you drink too much. Maybe you pick your nose in public. 

Q&A About The Q1 Conversation Analytics Call Report Infographic

describe the image

What is the infographic?

The infographic is titled: Conversation Analytics, Data From Every Call Analyzed, Q1.2014. It's a crappy title, we know. But, it is descriptive. 

Some Interesting Reactions to the Q1 Conversation Analytics Infographic

describe the image

Early last week we released an infographic that details high level data from millions of call segments we analyzed in Q1. This infographic contains data from dozens of industries and a variety of sectors. The data is truly fascinating. 

The Friday Marketing RANT: The Landscape of Marketing Analytics is Changing...THANK GOODNESS

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This blog post is part of the series called the Friday Marketing Rant. We rant about something marketing related every Friday morning. To receive the rant in your inbox every Friday morning, please subscribe in the top right hand corner of the blog. 

Shock Stat: 46% of Sales Inquiries Are Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities infographic 1

Of all of the amazing data Conversation Analytics extracts from phone calls, perhaps the most useful is missed opportunity data. It was this missed opportunity data that surprised us the most when we analyzed the millions of call segments that flowed through LogMyCalls in Q1. 

New Study: Agents Only 'Ask for the Business' 13% of The Time

ask for the business 1

The marketing and sales analytics world is abuzz about our new infographic. It contains several pieces of data we extracted from millions of phone call segments in Q1. We simply aggregated the data via our Conversation Analytics engine and put some of the most interesting tidbits into infographic form. 

Q1 Phone Lead Score Data: 29% of Calls are 'Great Leads'

better leads infographic.1

Yesterday we published an infographic that is making its way across the web. So far it's been shared over 400 times. 

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