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300 Blogs in 100 Days: Traffic Results After 20 Weeks


20 weeks ago we started writing 3 blogs each day. After 10 weeks (50 work days) we wrote our now-famous 150 blog posts in 50 days blog

It was featured in ViralBlog, Direct Marketing News, SES Magazine and elsewhere. Our 150 blogs in 50 days experiment was the talk of the online marketing world for a few days. 

During those first 50 workdays, our traffic increased, our organic traffic increased, our referral traffic increased, and our direct traffic increased. After 50 workdays there were substantial increases in every meaningful traffic metric.

So...we decided to do it for another 50 days. Now, after 10 more weeks, we've written 300 blogs in 100 days. That's over 210,000 words. 

So...did it work?

Yes, but the benefits haven't been as substantial as they were for the first 50 days.  You'll see from the Google Analytics screenshots that the traffic is still increasing, just not as quickly as it was during the first 50 days. 

Weekly Traffic Results from from Day 1 to Day 100

Note: At the conclusion of the first 50 days (10 weeks) we wrote the 150 blogs in 50 days blog. This specific blog generated massive traffic to our blog and to our whole site. You'll see the spike in the screenshots. That blog was--and still is--our most popular blog ever. Since that bump in week 11 and 12 the traffic tapered off a bit, but it still rose overall. 

Blog Traffic Increase (Day 1 to Day 100) 861%

GA allTraffic

Blog Organic Traffic Increase (Day 1 to Day 100) 3489%

Blog Organic Traffic Increase (Day 50 to Day 100) 32% 

GA organicTraffic

Blog Direct Traffic Increase (Day 1 to Day 100) 288.6%

 GA directTraffic

Blog Referral Traffic Increase (Day 1 to Day 100) 1435%

 GA referralTraffic


 Our content strategy is still working, but the traffic increases are tapering off as time goes on. Traffic is not increasing as quickly or as dramatically as it was at the outset. 

However, it is still working. Traffic is still growing. now accounts for 40% of our website's total traffic volume. 

Organic traffic continues to grow. Growth in referral traffic and direct traffic are not nearly as substantial as organic traffic. However, I would argue that organic traffic is the most important metric, and it keeps going up. So, we're happy.

The Future

We'll continue blogging A LOT, but probably not 3 times each day. We'll go to 1 time a day and see what happens. If traffic starts to dip, we'll go back to 3 times each day. 

Also, you may recall that one of the more controversial things we said in the 150 blogs in 50 days blog was that we fired our SEO firm. 

They're still fired and we still don't regret it. 

Of Blog Leads and Blog Promotion

We make sure that every blog has Google+ authorship and every blog has a CTA. The number of White Paper downloads sparked by our blogs is still increasing every month. 

Some people have asked us what we do to promote the blogs we write. Here's the answer: social media

We share each blog via our corporate social media accounts. Our employees are encouraged to share content via their personal social media accounts as well. We are doing ZERO paid promotion of our blog. 

The majority of the traffic is generated via Google organic search. Google is indexing--and apparently liking--our content. 

 by McKay Allen, Inbound Marketing Manager


"They're still fired, and we still don't regret it."  
LOL. Classic.
Posted @ Monday, June 24, 2013 4:51 PM by Joe B.
McKay - thanks for sharing this info. This is inspiring me to want to crank up our content production :)  
Question: with these 300 posts, have you been making a concerted effort to match up your blog titles with keywords, or not really?  
Posted @ Monday, June 24, 2013 5:53 PM by Pete Kennedy
Interesting results McKay, thanks for sharing. I always love when companies let you look over their shoulders! 
Without a more detailed look at your content promotion techniques, I'd be curious to see how much more traffic you guys could drive with additional time spent around promoting and less around creation? 
Good data, thanks again...
Posted @ Monday, June 24, 2013 6:02 PM by Jake Jordan
You might like to read my blog post where I analyse your results...!
Posted @ Wednesday, June 26, 2013 5:11 AM by Graham Jones - Internet Psychologist
"They're still fired, and we still don't regret it."  
Let me counter from your very own blog post: 
"There are entire blogs and websites devoted to teaching you how to do SEO, but here’s my recommendation: hire someone to do it." 
You have 96,574 links from 293 root domains with a DA of 51. Your SEO company never had anything to do with this in anyway what-so-ever? 
Congrats though are due on your efforts and site traffic gains but I think your SEO company (or at least working with another SEO company) would have helped get deep links via outreach to each blog post and farther boost rankings and see even greater traffic gains especially after the 1st 100 days. Your SEO company should have also helped you with CRO - at least with suggestions to help maximise greater numbers of leads from your blogging efforts.  
Please don't be too quick to diss SEO companies, they do a lot of problem solving on technical issues (301's, link equity, latent indexing, citations) as well as content marketing not just sticking keywords on a page.  
I did enjoy reading your post but there are many good SEO companies that can and do help many small businesses that do not have the technical capabilities to ensure high rankings for traffic generation.  
Posted @ Thursday, June 27, 2013 4:04 PM by Darren Moloney
The important lesson I've learnt here is: don't underestimate the power of blogs! Amazing results guys! 
Organic traffic is the best and most natural. And, done right, the most cost-effective source of traffic.
Posted @ Saturday, December 07, 2013 10:33 AM by Wesley Young
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