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How to Create Content that Converts


jeff molander social selling content marketingThis is a guest blog from Jeff Molander, the authority of making social media sell, adjunct faculty at Loyola University, and author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to  Make Social Sell for You. He is also a social media trainer and speaker. 


Let's say you publish dozens of blog posts and get all kinds of traffic to your Web site. Great right? Well, what if what you write doesn't convert visitors to sales leads? If this sounds familiar don't worry. Here are 3 practical success principles that you can apply to create content that converts visitor traffic to leads.

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The 'Big 3' Success Principles of Content That Converts

Today's biggest content marketing success stories like HubSpot, LogMyCalls and a handful of others use a simple, proven approach. Now it's time for you to apply them.

Content that converts does three things. It produces...

1. Action: customers cannot resist DOING stuff with it—including signing up to become a lead

2. Results: it doesn’t just impart knowledge; it increases the success rate of prospects (for free)

3. Confidence: buyers ultimately convert based on trust created by positive results

Create confidence, not ‘compelling content’

We’ve been told “create compelling content” for years now. Blogs, videos, white papers, ebooks and such—content that compels people to consider, select and buy from us.

By now you probably know how effective this is: It’s not!

Today, we know: Content that creates leads and sales fosters confidence in buyers.

In other words, the difference between content that converts (and all the other crap out there) is the ability to give prospects a free sample or “taste” of actual success. Plus it creates hunger for more. It makes people want to talk to you more about getting more results, more confidence.

For example, let’s say I give you something in this blog post that you try—and have success with. You finish this article, take action on my 3 success principles and start getting more leads with your blog. Nice!

That result would give you confidence. In other words, if I helped you change the way you’re blogging—to the degree you started getting more and better leads—that would make you feel more “in control” and able to get what you want.

But more importantly you would crave more of that. We all crave more confidence. It's part of being a human. And this is where the gold lies. This is the part that most content marketers miss in the rush to get customers confident in them. Customers must first be confident in themselves.

Move your customers’ needle—FIRST!

My goal for you, right now, is for you to finish this article, apply my tips and experience an increase in success. Period.

I don’t want you to like me.

I don’t want you to share my content.

FIRST I need to get you confident in yourself. Everything else flows from that confidence.

If I want you to trust me (enough to buy from me) I need to increase your success rate at something—or help you avoid an unseen risk.

If I'm successful at earning you as a lead, in return for helping you create a small success, you will likely tell your friends, spread the word. You may even buy my product AND advocate for my brand. You will do all of that stuff. But only if I give you a result that matters to you—that moves your needle.

This is how you create content that converts to leads: By creating a little bit of success in people’s lives through what you publish—blogs, ebooks, videos, checklists, white papers, tutorials, etc.

Create action using curiosity

For years we've been told “create compelling content!” So we got busy blogging about why customers should consider, select and buy from us. But in the end most blogs fail to get discovered by prospects. Blog posts that do manage get read often fail to earn leads. Why?

In a word, curiosity.

Content that converts makes prospects think, “gosh, I wonder what else the author of this article knows that I need to know!” or “wow, I see the opportunity more clearly now; how can I get access to more of this kind of thinking?”

Content that converts readers to business leads plays on prospects' desire to be more confident in themselves, creates hunger for more of it. PLUS it gives prospects a place to “direct” their curiosity (in ways that generates leads).

If you've ever seen how McKay Allen, publisher of this blog, uses calls-to-action for ebooks and Webinars you've seen what I'm describing in action. McKay works hard to give readers actionable insights. In doing so this creates more questions in customers' minds—questions that McKay can answer in publications he's willing to trade in exchange for your email address and name.

Are you hungry for more?

So how did I do? Do you now feel an urge to DO something with what I shared? As a blogger, I want you to do something that moves your needle. I want you to take action on the curiosity I sparked in you just now.

Come and discover more details with McKay and I in this recorded Webinar, “3 Strange Ways to Create Leads and Sales with Your Blog” where I'll reveal all the details, step-by-step, ok?

Let me know how I did in comments and be sure to view Webinar today!


Great article! I love how you keep it plain and straight to the point. Since following your articles, I'm seriously contemplating telemarketing again and using your services to track the calls. Keep up the good work.
Posted @ Monday, July 22, 2013 3:16 PM by Sid Johnson
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