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Agencies and Attrition: How Call Tracking Can Help

Posted by McKay Allen on Aug 13, 2013 7:36:00 AM

attritionOne of the many reasons your agency should resell call tracking is because it significantly lowers attrition. Call tracking will stop you from losing clients. 


Let's walk through a few scenarios. These are use-cases that agencies share with us about how call tracking lowers their attrition. 

1) By showing them you are actually generating calls for them

Your client calls you and says that you're just not generating results for them. They're spending $500/month and yet they haven't seen any change in their business. They're ready to cancel. 

It's a good thing you have call tracking. You can provide a LogMyCalls login to this client so they can view the number of phone calls you have generated for them. Or, you can send them a report from LogMyCalls that will show this data. 

If you've generated a lot of calls, they won't fire you. If you haven't, they will fire you (and they're probably right for doing so). 

Even the most basic call tracking data--raw number of calls you've generated likely will convince your client to keep you around. 

2) By allowing them to listen to their calls

So, your client sees that you are generating calls for them. The question then arises: why isn't their business improving if you're generating calls for them? 

Let's turn to the call recordings to find out. 

Generally the call recordings will reveal that your clients struggle to handle calls effectively. Maybe they're only converting 10% of all calls to customers. Maybe the number is lower. You're not responsible for your clients' bad phone performance. 

They'll hear this and understand this. 

Read a case study about how LogMyCalls save clients for agencies. 

Instead of firing you, perhaps your client should fire the secretary that answers phone calls. 

3) By being transparent

The very fact that you have call tracking data and that you let your clients view call tracking data will impress them. It will show them that you are transparent, that you aren't afraid of the data, and that you wand to be held accountable. 

These facts alone will stop many, if not most, of your clients from attriting. 

 by McKay Allen, Inbound Marketing Manager

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